Memorial Park


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A Fair Game

Sun. May 3, 2020

I grew up in Sugar Land, Texas and as many of you know, football is big in Texas. I started taking photos seriously during my freshman year of high school, of (you guessed it): football. My first game I was extremely nervous. Not because of how the photos might turn out, but because I would go somewhere I wasn't supposed to, get hit by a ball or player, or take a photo of something I wasn't supposed to (what can I say I was only 15). I didn't have to photograph anything or anyone in particular, mainly because I wasn't photographing the game for the newspaper or someone else. I was there for me, but more importantly I was there for my friends & their families.

You see, I started taking photos of high school sports & sports in general because I wanted people to have memories of the things that were most important to them. I 

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